Creative and Innovative Weed Accessories For Stoners

Weed accessories online in Canada
Source: Marley Natural

As weed culture increases day by day, it isn’t surprising that the industrious stoners of the earth are frequently or often manufacturing new creative and innovative weed accessories. As a smoker it wouldn’t take long for you to find any accessory, all you have to do is work into any heads tore located at your area, search for endless tenders of pipes, gadgets, and paper saying you are trying to improve the weed smoking experience. Lots of the gadgets have been used and tried for many years, so if a cannabis smoker should carefully check, he or she who find out the already made list of excellent creative weed products. Any weed accessories listed are worth a spot in all stoner’s secreting.

There were researches and test made on these pipes brands and types. At the end of everything they find out, there are lots of exclusive accessories, but there are some top best weed devices amidst them.

Below are some top innovative or creative weed devices:

  • Firstly is the nuggy: Nuggy is just like a Swiss army force knife via cannabis in mind or else referred to as a stoner survivalist’s dream device. Nuggy has ten features attached to it, and it executes the vitals of every Swiss knife, including a roach clip and poker/dap device for convenience.
  • Secondly is the magical butter: For magical butter, it has altered the game of home foods. Magical butter is essentially a crock pot for cannabis butter, concentrates, and oils; forget once you have set it. After the prep works for some minutes, magical butter controls the decarboxylation and offers a new bunch of weed concentrate in a few hours. The device is as well equipped to control infusion of spices, fruits, and some other ingredients or flavors in just some hours as contrasting to the months or weeks it takes the olden days method.


Raw chiller is created and designed to soothe and cool the infrequently cruel hit from a joint. Just place the chiller in a refrigerator for ten minutes (10 minutes) to cool down the gel in the middle assembly room. Once you get ready to smoke, join your joint to the tilt and have a nice experience with it. You are sure to enjoy a cool and smooth hit that’s simply on the tool (pipes).

The clear wax concentrated paper; for people who have tried boosting joints potency via ground-up shatter or wax, they should have an idea about how time-taking and messy the method could consist. The clear heard the call of the cannabis smokers for help and designed a THC-infused concentrated paper that could also be rolled.


Weed accessories have lots of benefits including a decrease in waste. The help smokers a lot and they are very common. Apart from that, it is the best gift for stoners who are always busy with their hands but wants to keep on with smoking. The more the world grows, the more the ever-evolving weed industries grow and also produce new accessories. Have you tried having fun with the latest weed products recently? Try it now from by purchasing from ItsPrimo.