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The Ultimate Cannabis Concentrates Guide

Saturday , 7, January 2023 Comments Off on The Ultimate Cannabis Concentrates Guide

shatterIf you have been enjoying marijuana for sometime for its medicinal or recreational benefits, you are likely to have come across a variety of concentrates like shatter and hash. Cannabis concentrates are highly potent and varied. They exist in a wide range of forms and there are new and new types found every now and then. Concentrates are made from the cannabis plant and they are quite potent as compared to flower. They can be either solventless or solvent-based. Here, we discuss some of the most popular cannabis concentrates:

Solvent-Based Concentrates

If a concentrate is created using a solvent, it is known as an extract. Some of the most common solvents include butane, ethanol, propane and CO2.


A solid, glass-like concentrate that shatters into pieces when dropped is a shatter. It is one of the most recognized concentrates, easy to use and less messy as compared to other extract varieties. Shatter wax resembles honey-colored glass. One can buy cheap shatter online to experience the instant high it gives due to high THC content.

Live Resin

Sticky wax-like concentrates with intense smell and flavor of terpenes are called live resin. They contain as much as 80-90 percent THC or CBD. This is because they are created from whole plants preserving all the terpenes which are generally lost during the extraction process.


Hash oil or THC oil is the name for all types of oil extracts obtained from the cannabis plant. The basic oil is made using alcohol and produced by extracting the resin in the cannabis plant. The alcohol evaporates after the extraction, leaving behind a thick, syrupy residue called THC oil.

Rick Simpson Oil

Rick Simpson Oil is a liquid thicker than tincture and viscous enough not to be solid. It is popularly used in a pre-filled vape pen and can also be filled inside capsules for oral consumption. You can even make Rick Simpson Oil at home easily to reap its benefits.

Weed Wax

A common term used to describe certain types of cannabis concentrates, weed wax has a sticky, wax-like texture. Wax concentrates resemble candle wax in appearance. Wax is quite a broad term when it comes to the types available for dabbing. It can be used to mean budder, honeycomb, crumble, etc.

Solventless Concentrates

Those concentrates that require no solvent to be made are called solventless concentrates. They come as byproducts from the cannabis plant and buds.


Rosin is a sticky substance created by heating and compression a cannabis flower. While hash is made with trichomes, rosin is created with the whole bud. Rosin comes in a clear, yellow-golden color resembling shatter but has more viscosity.


The most basic of THC concentrates, Kief is a golden powder-like substance left behind after the bud is ground finely and only the trichomes are left. It has a green-goldish color.


It is a hard-pressed kief or compressed resin created out of trichomes in a bud. Finger hash, hash from the grinder and bubble hash are some of the main types of hash. As it is made from trichomes, it breaks apart easily and is extremely sticky. Hash has a dark brown appearance.


Isolates are the purest forms of concentrates. They have 99.9% active cannabinoids and are lab-tested THC or CBD isolates. The …

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